Message from Executive Director

Rev Matthew, AICCAD Executive Director

Rev Matthew, AICCAD Executive Director

The well being of vulnerable groups in our society is at the heart of all our work. AICCAD has undertaken with focus on the organizational goal which is to ensure every child lives a dignified life.
We are grateful for your love and support towards the well being of the needy children, families and their communities.

I feel fulfilled and pleased as the director of programs in AICCAD every time a child or a youth from disadvantaged background gets the opportunity to fulfill their potential and impact their community. I believe that the child we reach out to today must be fully equipped because they are tomorrow’s determinants of peace, stability, security, democracy and sustainable developments in our nation.

Africa Inland Child and Community Agency for Development

Africa Inland Child and Community Agency for Development (AICCAD) was founded in 1975 as AIC Children’s home Department. The Department targeted orphaned children and provided care until they attained adult status. In 2013 AIC Children’s home department was registered as an NGO and renamed AICCAD.

Our Vision

Every child lives a dignified life.

Our Mission

We exist to promote holistic development of vulnerable children in Kenya by providing safe spaces, championing child rights and strengthening community fabric.

Strategic Areas of Focus

Guided by the prevailing operational context and the organization’s record of accomplishment on working with children, the organization focuses on 4 main areas:

Child Development

Women Economic Empowerment and Development

Youth livelihood Development

Institutional Development


Flavian Ashley Nekesa’s Story

Flavian Ashley Nekesa’s Story

AICCAD has been a catalyst for positive growth in various aspects of life, encompassing social, economic, spiritual, and psycho-social well-being within our community. Countless stories of the project’s goodness abound,


Namunyak (not her real name) is a young Maasai girl who was born in Kisiriri village in Narok County. She was rescued in 2015 by AIC Siyiapei rescue home following
Evans Malonza

Evans Malonza

He has been a student at Kima Technical College in the 2011-2012. He did a course of Electrical installation and graduated in 2012 with grade 3 and 2 certificate. The

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